Walleye Fishing Hotspots

(map below)

1) Less than two minutes from camp there is a pool, on down river side of bridge. 10'-20' of water, very rocky bottom, fish just outside of current. Walleye stage here after spawn in the spring. Cast or jig working the bottom.

2) Rocky point where river flows out of a lake, on the edge of the current. Back troll around point or anchor. Cast or use a jig & minnow working the bottom.

3) Pickeral Point: Rock shelf on "S" turn. 6' to 8' at the point then it drops to 25' quickly. Anchor, out of the current on down river side of the point & vertical jig with a minnow.

4) Frog Rock: Nice hole just outside current where the river comes out of Franks Lake. Weedy points that drop off to 20' of water. Drift or anchor with jig & minnow.

5) Talking Falls: Huge rock island 100 yards in diameter. Falls come down both sides and form eddies & slack water below. Very rocky bottom with various depths. Spawning sanctuary closed until June 15. Mainly jigging with minnow.

6) Sowden Lake Rapids: Short portage over Talking Falls. Like being on a fly out. No other way to get into this area. Sit below a beautiful set of rapids & fish just outside of fast water by back trolling or drifting.

7) The Crystal River empties into the English River here, nice 20' hole just in front of it. Jigging or cast with jig & minnow & work the bottom. Mud bottom with lots of weed beds on both sides.

8) Sharp turn in the river. Inside point has a rock shelf. Drift over shelf with jig & minnow or anchor & jig.

10) The mouth of Barrel Lake: Lots of drop offs, islands, rock bottom. Jig or sit on drop off, cast & work up the shelf with jig & minnow.

11) Islands in Barrel Lake: Rocky shores & points. Sunken weed beds & rock flats. Troll around islands & drift over sunken weed beds with jig & minnow.

12) Press Lake Rapids: Sit on top of rapids in a large pool. Rocky bottom. Fish with jig & minnow or slip bobber.

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