Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

The English River is stuffed with Walleye. With so many feeder-fish and miles of water to patrol, Northern Pike virtually have an inexhaustible banquet, which allows these fresh water sharks to get very large.

Many of our guests spend the morning catching Walleyes. After a great shore lunch of fresh fish, they go Pike hunting. The English River has an enormous population of Pike and produces big trophies. You will find Northern Pike in every area of the river. In the early morning & early evening these big monster come into the shallow weed beds to feed. During the day, they sit in the thick weeds, ready to ambush their prey. Pike will stay just outside of the current and feed on Walleyes and other baitfish. There is no need to be an experienced fisherman, these fish are aggressive and are easily caught.

Common sizes of Northern Pike in our river range from good eating 3-pound hammer handles to 20-pound lunkers. There are numerous huge pike caught and released all summer in the 44 to 48 inch sizes that are 22 to 27 pounds. Once in a while, guests come across an extraordinary fish, like the 54-inch / 34-pound monster caught a couple of years ago.

If you love Northern Pike fishing, Cozy Camp has the only portage boats on Meighen Lake. This is a small 200 acre, catch & release lake that offers both young & older anglers a fabulous day of Northern Pike fishing. This lake is crystal clear and you'll be able to watch that big lunker fight all the way to the net! With its deep & shallow weed beds, these monsters are ready to attack your lure, so be ready for the fight!!

Tackle Suggestions:

  • Rod: Medium to heavy action.
  • Line: 12 to 20 pound test.
  • Lures: Big Minnows, Leaches, DareDevils, Muskie Killers, spinner baits, pike flies, shallow rattle baits, Spooks and Weedless Spoons.
  • Colors: Red & White, Yellow five-of-diamonds, Fire Tiger, plain white, Black & White, Perch color is a favorite as well.
  • Leaders: Black steal 30 pound test (12" long minimum).
  • We sell tackle at the camp.


  • Open Season: Open all year
  • Size Restrictions: Those caught between 27.5 and 35.4 inches must be released. Only one can be greater than 35.4 inches.
  • Limit - Sport License: Possession limit 4.
  • Limit - Conservation License:Possession limit 2.

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