We are having phone trouble so please text or phone to (678) 333-7117 or mail us at cozycamp18@gmail.com

Cozy Camp
Heather & Derek Kelm
P.O. Box 1169
Ignace, Ontario

Phone: (807) 934-6901
Email: cozycamp18@gmail.com

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Distances to Cozy Camp

Minneapolis - 515 miles
Chicago - 830 miles
St. Louis - 1040 miles
Milwaukee - 760 miles
Indianapolis - 1010 miles
Des Moines - 760 miles
Toronto - 1515 km

Free Wireless Internet is available in your cabin or R.V.

GPS: 49°36'24.39"N - 91°22'15.12"W

Cozy Camp is only a 3.5 hours drive from the U.S. border. Our guests enjoy paved roads right to our doorstep! Just 20 miles north of Hwy.17 near Ignace sitting on Hwy. 599, Cozy Camp is easily accessible.