Northern Pike Fishing Hotspots

(Map below)

1) Where the river opens up to some larger water. Outside of channel is all shallow rice beds. Spoons, spinner baits, top water etc.

2) Small lake 5 minutes from camp. Right side is all shallow weed beds with a few 10' holes in the middle of weed beds. Weedless spoons, daredevils, etc.

3) Another small lake, 5' foot of water nothing but weeds.

4) Many bays with weed beds. 54" Northern caught on the river.

5) Shallow weedy bay that drops off into 15' of water. Usual pike tackle.

6) More bays & weed beds.

7) Barrel Lake has tons of weedy bays.

8) Meighen Lake. Is a small, crystal clear lake, with weedy bays. A catch & release portage lake loaded with pike. Have a blast for a day. 20 minutes from camp. 32lb northern was caught there.

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