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Our remote location on the Walleye-stuffed English River system is one of the top Walleye fishing destinations in Ontario. Walleyes not only reach great sizes with guests catching-&-releasing Walleyes over 30 inches; guests can expect high numbers of good eating size fish. People from all over America and Canada come to enjoy our awesome Walleye fishing.

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Feeding on all those Walleyes are monster Northern Pike. The Northern Pike have many miles of water to roam as well as an endless amount of food so they get big and are found in high numbers. Northern Pike are common in the 2 to 6 pound range but there are an unusual amount of Northern Pike in the 40 to 48 inch range. On rare occasions we see legendary size Northern Pike like this 54-inch / 34-pound Monster. If you are into Pike fishing and getting a trophy Northern Pike is your main focus, then Cozy Camp is the most economical means of getting that trophy because only a fly-in camp in the extreme North of Ontario could match the size of our Northern Pike.
We have the best Smallmouth Bass fishing in Ontario for both size and numbers. Smallmouth Bass are extremely common in the 1 to 4 pound range with many 5 and 6-pounders caught during the week. On occasion lucky guests run into 7 pound bass but they are rare. Not only can you catch tons of Smallmouth Bass, the bass in our sparkling clean water are fabulous eating. Many guests say our bass taste just like Walleye.

We also have boat caches on remote backcountry trout lakes as well as cold spring-fed streams where you can get into some awesome fishing for Lake Trout, Splake and Brook Trout. Since 95% of our guests come to the lodge for the amazing Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass fishing, our trout fishery is virtually an untouched gem waiting for trout enthusiasts to enjoy.

Our fully outfitted 16' Lund boats with swivel seats & brand new 15hp or 20hp 4-stroke Mercury Motors provide you with the comfort & reliability for a full day of fishing pleasure. We offer you a complimentary tour of the "hot spots" to fish & a marked map to insure you get the most out of your fishing vacation! We have a 21' Crestliner Suncast Pontoon Boat with 40hp 4-stroke motor and offer a pontoon boat fishing package.

Our modern riverfront housekeeping cabins provide everything you need for your daily housekeeping. For your convenience we carry live bait & tackle, fishing & hunting licenses, gas & ice. Six miles up river is our remote boat-to Talking Falls outpost camp. This outpost camp features total privacy and a new aluminum ramp to the solid treated wood stairway, which gives easy access for people with physical challenges. The scenery is breathtaking as well as the fishing.

In the fall we run an outstanding Black Bear hunt with a high success rate due to the high population of trophy Black Bears in our two 100 square mile bear management areas. Resident hunters with their own Moose tags for WMU 15A are welcome to rent our cabins. Grouse and duck hunting is also available and a nice addition to a fall fishing trip.

We have some of the best Walleye fishing in Ontario and most of our guests come here specifically for the Walleye. Our family invites you to escape to the spectacular Canadian wilderness for a week of relaxation & fabulous Northwestern Ontario Walleye Fishing as well as Pike, Bass & Trout! "North of the Tension Zone", says it all!!

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