Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Pound-for-pound, no other fish fights as hard as the Smallmouth Bass. These scrappy fighters come flying out of water as soon as they slam your lure. You may notice that river Smallmouth are extra aggressive.

Smallmouth Bass are not the dominant species in the English River, but we do have several hotspots where the bass are concentrated in good numbers. Smallmouth Bass in our water system are most common in the 2 to 5-pound range. Guests who purposely spend a fair amount of time Smallmouth fishing, do bring in the occasional 6-pounder. A 7-pounder was caught and released a couple of years ago.
The northeast end of Barrell Lake has good fishing for Smallmouth Bass, and gives you the choice of fishing rocky shoals, weedy bays and points leading out to deeper water. This large fish filled lake is fed by two different river systems, so the fish are never in short supply. A day of fishing & exploring Barrel Lake can be quite an adventure! There are many secluded islands perfect for a fantastic shore lunch or enjoy one of the many golden sand beaches for a day of swimming & relaxation.

Tackle Suggestions:

  • Rod: Medium light to medium action
  • Line: 6 to 10 pound test.
  • Colors: Natural worm or crayfish color, perch color, blue, or silver. Assorted bright color lures
  • Leaders: Try not to use steel leaders unless there are a lot of Pike around.
  • Lures: Worms, minnows, leaches, crayfish, Hula Poppers, Jitter Bugs, plastic worm, Wally Divers, Flatfish, Tube Jigs, Rattle traps.


  • Season: Open all year
  • Size Restrictions / Limit - Sport License: Jan. 1st to June 30th possession limit 2 under 13.8 in. From July 1st to Nov.30th possession limit 4, with no size restrictions.
  • Size Restrictions / Limit - Conservation License: Jan. 1st to June 30th, possession 1 under 13.8 in. From July 1 to Nov. 30th possession limit, 2 with no size restrictions.

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