Moose Hunting Cabin Rentals for WMU 15A

Cozy Camp is located in WMU 15A. We have not had any non-resident adult Moose tags issued to us this year.

However, we do still supply accommodations in our warm cozy river front cabins for resident Moose hunters with their own tags. Our location on the English River is a superb starting point as the river will give you access to many miles of prime Moose country. The local terrain is a labyrinth of ATV trails, old logging roads and game trails, which will allow you to get into some deep bush and maximize your chances at Harvesting a Moose.

Please ask us for more details and options.

Moose Hunting Photo Gallery

Ontario Hunting Regulations:
Visit the MNR website at for hunting regulations.

Regulations in Adobe PDF Format:
Ontario Moose Hunting Regulations

Hunting Licence & Outdoor Card:
Both non-residents and residents can buy a hunting license or fishing license and Outdoor Card on-line here (off site)

Moose Hunting Photo Gallery