Ontario Splake Fishing

Just a short drive from Cozy Camp is Hakli Lake. Hakli Lake is a local secret that holds a rare gem, which most fisherpersons have never seen or caught. We cannot divulge its location on the Internet but we can tell you that Hakli Lake has Splake!! Two other little lakes in the same area are stocked as well but with tastey Brook Trout. They can provide an very exciting day of fishing, diving & dancing as you reel in your catch! And a very tasty dinner as well!

A Splake is a rare hybrid of the Brook Trout and the Lake Trout. The Splake has a flat tail and red fins with a prominent white stripe on the fins like a Brook Trout but has the head and skin markings that are similar to a Lake Trout. The Splake also has white gums like a Lake Trout, while Brook Trout usually have black gums like a salmon. Brook Trout and Splake are considered to be the best tasting trout in the world.

Tackle Suggestions:

  • Rod: Ultra Light to Light action fresh water action.
  • Line: 4 to 6 pound test.
  • Lures: Cleos, Mepps Spinner, Blue Fox Spinners, Williams Warblers, Panther Martins, Rapalas tipped with a minnow.
  • Colors: Fire Tiger, blue & silver, green and silver, blue & black, all silver.
  • Special Equipment: 3-way swivel, 1 or 2 oz weight, clip swivels


  • Open Season: Jan. 2nd to Sept. 30
  • Limit - Sport License: Five in your possession of either species
  • Limit - Conservation License: Two in your possession

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