Walleye Fishing:
The English River is famous for it's abundance of golden Walleye! From trophies to tasty shore lunch, Walleye fishing is spectacular! While traveling the gently flowing waters, you will discover that it opens up into many small Walleye filled lakes, weedy bays, and rocky areas. The constant flow of fresh water, perfect structure & abundance of feeder fish has made the river a perfect hatchery for Walleye. The Walleye fishing is unsurpassed & the pristine beauty of the Canadian wilderness is breathtaking!

Walleye in the river average in the 1.5 to 5-pound range, which is a big average for any water system. We do have guests catching and releasing many Walleye up to 10 pounds all summer. The largest Walleye in the last couple of years was a fat 33-incher that weighed in at 11-pounds. It is quite easy to catch a tasty Walleye dinner only minutes from camp or catch & release between 20 and 40 Walleye in a day. While fishing the English River you may choose to take a short portage over Talking Falls for a remote, secluded day of fabulous Walleye fishing! We keep boats & motors there for our customers to enjoy a day of fantastic Walleye fishing at the Sowden Lake rapids or along the scenic Gulliver River.

From the river you have access to 14 miles of scenic Barrel Lake home to excellent Walleye fishing & gives you the choice of fishing in open water. If the wind kicks up it's just a short ride back to the river where you can find shelter & still catch Walleyes! The structure at the mouth of Barrel Lake makes this a favorite Walleye fishing spot all year.This large fish filled lake is fed by two different river systems, so the Walleye are never in short supply. A day of fishing & exploring Barrel lake can be quite an adventure! There are many secluded islands perfect for a fantastic shore lunch or enjoy one of the many golden sand beaches for a day of swimming & relaxation. Pictures of wildlife along the shore or of landing that trophy Walleye will bring your trip to life again & again! So please don't forget your camera.

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